• OdiaGenAI is a collaborative initiative that conducts research on Generative AI and LLM for the Odia Language.

    Odia Generative AI

  • Our Mission


    OdiaGenAI initiative aims to utilize the power of AI in building Generative AI and LLM-based technologies and solutions for the overall development of Odisha and Odia language through collaboration among Odia technologists.



    Our Initiatives

    Build Pre-trained, Fine-Tuned, and Instructed LLM for Odia. The models, codes, and dataset will be freely available for non-commercial and research purposes.

  • Releases

    Available releases

    OdiaGenAI-BengaliGPT Model

    odiagenAI-bengali-base-model-v1 is based on Llama-7b and finetuned with 252k Bengali instruction set. The instruction set is translated data from open-source resources, resulting in good Bengali instruction understanding and response generation capabilities.

    OdiaGenAI-Llama2-7B Model


    odia_llama2_7B_v1 is based on Llama2-7b and finetuned with 180k Odia instruction set. The instruction set is translated data from open-source resources and a prepared domain knowledge instruction set, resulting in good Odia instruction understanding and response generation capabilities.

    OdiaGenAI-Olive Farm


    OliveFarm is a cutting-edge web application crafted by the innovative minds at OdiaGenAI. It's designed to effortlessly generate LLM (Language Model) instruction sets in Indic languages. Presently, it offers support for Hindi and Odia, with seamless scalability to incorporate additional languages on the horizon.

    OdiaGenAI-Olive Scrapper


    Olive Scraper is a web scraping tool developed by OdiaGenAI for web scraping Odia contents from different sources (e.g., websites, PDF, DOC, etc.)

    OdiaGenAI-Olive Whisper


    Olive Whisper facilitates automatic speech recognition and translation tasks, enabling the conversion of spoken language into text across multiple languages, followed by translation into English. The primary objective of this initiative is to optimize the Whisper model using Lora. This optimization can be applied to both timestamped and non-timestamped data, as well as data without speech information.

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    About Our Logo

    The critically endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle is the world's smallest and most prevalent marine turtle. Travel thousands of kilometers in the ocean for nesting. The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary in Odisha is the largest known mass nesting rookery for olive ridley sea turtles worldwide. 

  • Blog

    Our Blog Posts

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    We are looking for a few interns for short/long term (3 months to 1 Year) to contribute to OdiaGenAI.


    We are currently closed. In case you are interested, can fill up the form, we will contact you.


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